Hyde has pride you can never divide!
Upcoming Events
- Beagle Bash
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Hyde International Studies and Communications Magnet
210 N. Oliver
Wichita, KS 67208
Phone: 973-0650

Principal: Laura Thompson

Entrance located on east side of the building. 

Congratulations to the Battle of The Books participants!

Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading competition in which 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students can participate. A team of 4 students read books from a specified list of 64 books. Each team is asked questions based on those books. Team members need to be able to answer questions about the events, characters, settings, and authors of the books. The winning team from each school competes with other elementary schools in a televised battle.

Hyde had 14 teams that competed in elimination rounds. The Nocturnal Readers were the school-wide winners, they went on to the the televised district competition.

Hyde's Nocturnal Readers won the televised district-wide Battle of The Books competition!

The Nocturnal Readers may have won the overall competition but, every participant got to read and experience new and exciting books! There was also a pizza party to celebrate the completion of the competition.
Guidelines For Success

Hyde has developed our Guidelines For Success. Using input from our students, parents, and staff we identified important skills that our students need to be successful. We picked the top five skills: Hard work, teamwork, responsibility, respect, and honesty.

To remember the skills that the Hyde community has picked, our leadership team came up with the following creed.

   Don't forget to stop by the PTO Doghouse!
The Doghouse is open each Thursday after school. The Doghouse sells snack and special items for Hyde students. 
Items Featured:
Hyde Bottles
Hyde Car Decals
Hyde keychains
Ring pops, gumballs, and more

   Box Tops for Education   

Hyde collects Box Tops for Education. If you buy any products with Box Tops on them, please save and send them to school. You can find a complete list of products that carry Box Tops here. Thank you so much for your support!

The Golden Clippers and popcorn party goes to...

Mrs. Allender's Kindergarten class for collecting 698 boxtops in August!

Mrs. Stuart's Fourth Grade class for collecting 393 boxtops in September!

Ms. Giggy's Fifth Grade class for collecting 370 boxtops in November!

Ms. Giggy's Fifth Grade class for collecting 674 boxtops in December!

Miss Keckler's Second Grade class for collecting 382 boxtops in January!
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